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From Angus Lees <>
Subject Re: Design decision / embperl or mason? :-)
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 01:38:59 GMT

I posted a brief (somewhat opinionated) comparison with Mason last
December when someone asked the same question:

At Tue, 23 Mar 2004 22:50:05 +0100, Oliver Brandt wrote:
> One of the most important things for me is the MVC - pardigm because
> I want to separate content and logic. How can I implement this
> method with embperl? (Because embperl is embedding perlcode in HTML)
> It's more the JavaServerPages/Java Beans concept I prefer. Only
> snippets of perlcode in my HTML and behind that the more logical
> stuff if needed.

Just as you said: have only snippets of perl code in your HTML and put
all the heavy code into other files.  As with any of these tools, good
MVC separation is largely a result of clean design and disciplined
coding - the tool only provides the mechanisms for achieving that.

I tend to use normal perl modules for the "Model" parts, Embperl pages
for the "View" parts and the Embperl (v2) application object for the
"Controller" part.  In practice, the lines get a little blurred since
the real goal here is code maintainability - not some pretty Visio

(Before there was a separate Embperl application object, I used the
page requested (.html) as the controller, and Embperl fragments (.epl)
as view)

 - Gus

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