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From Terrence Brannon <>
Subject Re: new DBIx::Recordset maintainer requested
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 18:08:26 GMT
Angus Lees wrote:

>Whatever came of the "Can't upgrade that kind of scalar" errors with
>DBIx::Recordset and perl 5.8?

Here is the URL to the root of the thread you are talking about:

>Did you ask the perl core guys what they wanted to do with it?

I never made such a promise...did you ever post the patch you wrote 
about here:


I've just spent the last few days hacking around this.  The solution I
came up with (I'll post the patch on tuesday or so) was to make links
always return an array ref (tied to DBIx::Recordset), rather than the
full glob.


>(I'm wondering whether the current "using globref as both arrayref and
>hashref" approach has a future at all..)
There is a nice Perl package called Object::Multitype that allows for an 
object to be used as an array and hash without the glob issues... but it 
is bound to be slow.

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