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From "Edouard Lagache" <>
Subject resetting - Embperl::Object::Execute ?
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 02:54:14 GMT
Dear Embperl-ophiles,

Is there some way to make an Embperl::Object::Execute call ignore any
previous calling context or to reset all inheritance?  

I'm running into a problem trying to run more than one object-oriented
ecard site on my Penguin Greetings software.  My use of
Embperl::Object::Execute works perfectly under standard CGI, but when I
use a persistent Perl interpreter via SpeedyCGI, object-oriented ecard
sites interfere with each other.  The first ecard site becomes the
environment used for the second ecard site, the EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE and
EMBPERL_OBJECT_ADDPATH from the first site are used before the entries
provided in the second call to Embperl::Object::Execute.  I'm guessing
that Embperl::Object isn't expecting that it would remain persistent
between calls for two totally different sites.

Is there some way for me to abandon or override previous inheritance so
that I can still use SpeedyCGI with Embperl::Object and more than one
ecard site?

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Peace, Edouard :-)

Edouard Lagache
Lead Developer, Penguin Greetings

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