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From "Luiz Fernando B. Ribeiro" <>
Subject Re: Design decision / embperl or mason? :-)
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:08:22 GMT

What exactly do you mean by real big? Give some numbers and maybe some
of the list members may help.

I work with Embperl in many projects and I don't see why it would not
fit in yours. It's stable, powerful, easy to maintain, integrates with
Dreamweaver, etc...

Some time ago someone posted the results of a performance
comparison between Embperl, PHP, Mason and others (maybe someone can
post it again).

Gerald have already said that Embperl 2 is ready for production


Luiz Fernando B. Ribeiro
Engenho Soluções para a Internet

Tuesday, March 23, 2004, 5:29:55 PM, você escreveu:

OB> Hello All,

OB> I'm planning to build a real real big web application
OB> which has more then 50 sites dynamical generated
OB> html and heavy load traffic.

OB> Now, I'm a bit confused choosing the right templating
OB> technology. Finally I see-saw between embperl and
OB> mason. So I want to know the advantages and dis-
OB> advantages concerning both technologies.

OB> I hope you don't feel offended about this question but
OB> I don't know a better place/group asking how to do
OB> get the right answers.

OB> By the way, I didn't ask any mason-guys, I post my
OB> question only to the embperl mailinglist because actual
OB> I made a little decision for embperl.

OB> I'm curious about your factual and objective comments
OB> and answers.

OB> Regards Oliver

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