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From Pete Moran <>
Subject File Not Found
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 06:17:15 GMT
Hi All,

I think a example is easier to explain this problem.

I have a configuration as follows

<Directory "/var/website/htdocs/wl/uk">
        Embperl_AppName     ukwl
        Embperl_Object_Base base.epl
        Embperl_UriMatch    "\.html.?|\.epl$"
        SetHandler          perl-script
        PerlHandler         Embperl::Object 
        Options             ExecCGI

Let me explain what does work, if I have index.html which lives in
/wl/uk/ and it calls the file me.html which lives in /library/shared/
then the contents of me.html gets loaded just fine.  If however I do a
direct call to me.html I always get a 404 error.  

Is there any way of changing this behaviour - so if I request
/wl/uk/me.html it actually executes /shared/library/me.html if it
doesn't exist in /wl/uk/me.html ?.



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