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From Torsten Luettgert <>
Subject Bug: crash in anchor without href in session mode 2
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 11:52:04 GMT

I hit a bug in Embperl 2.0b10 today (httpd is 2.0.48, mod_perl 1.99_12,
on a RedHat 9).


<a name="wkst">Test</a>

in an Embperl page reliably crashes my Apache with sig 11 (SIGSEGV)
if Embperl_Session_Mode has bit 1 set (insert session key into anchors
and forms) and EmbperlHTML is active (needed for insertion).

It seems probable that parsing the anchor tag and looking for the
(missing) href causes the problem, especially since

<a name="wkst" href="">Test</a>

doesn't crash the server.

I'd investigate, but I'm under severe deadline pressure right now and
couldn't spend time on it till in a month or so. I solved the problem
for the moment by using

[- print '<a name="wkst">Test</a>'; -]


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