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From "Doug Rayner" <>
Subject Returning to a previous page
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 18:14:31 GMT
I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish the following:

We have a 3 step task which will be implemented as three templates: start ->
preview -> confirm.  The first template posts some data to the second
template.  That template verifies the data, and if all is well, displays a
preview page.  If the data posted by the first page has a problem, I would
like to return to the previous page with an embedded notification of the

What is the best way for the preview template to return to the initial page?
It is complicated in our case since these templates are embedded in a common
shell template (with common header/footer).  I fear that part of the
response may have already been generated by the containing template.  I've
tried various forms of Execute()/exit and setting
$http_headers_out{'Location'}/exit, but have not had good results.

Any suggestions would be welcome...

Thanks and regards,

Doug Rayner
Senior System Architect
Savicom: Next Generation eMail Marketing
(415) 617-9006

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