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From Alex Titov <>
Subject fdat, OUT variables scope question
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 21:11:29 GMT
Hi all,

Great project, thank you Gerald and developer team !

I have one question:
I've noticed that I can't get to any EmbPerl-specific global variable
from within the package. This is for %fdat, %http_headers_out, OUT and
others I suppose. But perl-specific global variables like %ENV works
ok. Here are the code to illustrate:

        print OUT 'qs: ', $ENV{QUERY_STRING}, '<br>';
        print OUT 'aaa: ', $fdat{aaa}, '<br>';
        my $p = new MyTest;
        print OUT 'qs: ', $p->GetQueryString(), '<br>';
        print OUT 'aaa: ', $p->GetAAA(), '<br>';
        package MyTest;
        sub new {
                my $self = {};
                return bless $self;
        sub GetQueryString {
                return $ENV{QUERY_STRING};

        sub GetAAA {
                return $fdat{aaa};

I call it as 'test.epl?aaa=qwe' and have this output:
qs: aaa=qwe
aaa: qwe
qs: aaa=qwe

Is it a normal situation or whether I do something wrong ?
Or maybe something can be done to be able to see %fdat hash array from
within the package ?

I use

LoadModule perl_module          modules/
LoadModule embperl_module       modules/ 
PerlModule Embperl

<Files "*.epl">
        SetHandler  perl-script
        Options     ExecCGI         
        PerlHandler Embperl         
Thank you in advance,

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