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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Use Embperl 2.0 or 1.3.6? (was: Change in behavior of <TH> in 2.0?)
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 16:15:59 GMT
> We did prototyping and testing with V1.3.6, and we are about to start
> a project to produce a production system.  We would prefer to start
> with the "latest" version, and not have to do the upgrade to a newer
> during the project or soon after.  At this point we are planning on
> starting the effort using V2.0b.  How would you characterize the
> status of the beta?  Feature complete (well, not completely, I gather
> from your response below)?

It's feature complete (I think TH will not make it into 2.0)

>  Stable?

Yes, we use it in production for all our projects

>How much use has it had?

>From the questions on the list, it seem that it has already a lot of users.

>  Is it
> close to release?

Yes, hopefully the final release will be in one or two month

>  Would you recommend starting a project with it, or
> sticking with the V1.3.6 release?

Use 2.0 and not 1.3.6. With 2.0 you get a lot of features you don't have in
1.3.x and it really ready for use. There are only a few very small issuse
that I need to sort out before releasing the final 2.0 version.


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