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From Torsten Luettgert <>
Subject Re: namespace problem
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:37:43 GMT
On Don, 2004-01-15 at 10:42, Gerald Richter wrote:
> > It works, too, IF the method containing exit() is called from
> > the "top level page", meaning, not from a page called by Execute()
> > from another page.
> >
> Yes, that is like exit always work in Embperl. It only exits the current
> component, since 2.0b8 you can also exit the whole request, by giving exit
> an argument, like

Yes, I knew (and like!) this. But if I use a design like stated in the
last mail, the current page (the one calling exit() via a .pm sub)
continues to run.

I'll check what happens if I use exit(1). The behaviour I hoped for
was that calling SomeModule::function_that_calls_exit() will behave
the same as calling exit() directly.

- Torsten

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