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From Johan van Vliet <>
Subject Embperl / Apache 2.0.40: ignores "(Perl)SetEnv"
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 09:10:34 GMT

Hello all,

A few days ago I upgraded from a very old Redhat to a recent RedHat 9.
With embperl: Embperl-2.0b9, mod_perl 1.99_07-5 (default RH9) and Apache
2.0.40 (default RH9).

Since this upgrade a few things go wrong (ESCMODE has different default
and SYNTAX also). Since I have a few friends who also use my webserver I
would like to make it behave as before.

In order to do this I added the following lines to my httpd.conf:
PerlModule Embperl
Embperl_UseEnv on
SetEnv EMBPERL_SYNTAX "EmbperlBlocks"

When I do this Apache says "invalid command" on the "Embperl UseEnv on"
part. When I comment this it ignores the other options.

I searched the history of this list and other google's: the only thing I
cold find was this thread:
with the most interesting reply:

> Finally I found time to look further into this. It seems that my
> mod_perl was too old, I had 1.99.07 from Debian Experimental,
> which caused the error. After manually updating it to 1.99.08 or
> 09 everything works.
> Just for the archives, in case anybody else stumbles over this.

This might also be the reason why RH9 fails, they also have mod-perl

I tried to upgrade to 1.99_09 but end up in a RPM dependency hell.

Does any one have a sollution for me that allows my to "disable" this
(advanced) behavoir without having to edit every embperl file?

Maybe someone has a modperl upgrade that works on RH9 and Apache 2.0.40 if
his really it the sollution.

May thanks.


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