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From "Reinstein, Shlomo" <>
Subject Debugging a script running in an embedded Perl interpreter
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 14:43:01 GMT


I am a first-time user of perlembed. I embedded the Perl interpreter in
my C/C++ application in order to provide users with scripting
capabilities for the application. I use "-e 0" as arguments for
"perl_parse", and I use "perl_eval_pv" to evaluate the code entered by
the user.

The user can use "require" or "use" to load / execute Perl modules and
the interpreter takes care of that. This is the normal use of Perl by
the users.


I would now like to enable the user to debug a script that is loaded
using "use" or "require", much like invoking the Perl debugger with
"perl -d". Is that possible? If so, how do I do that? Please
note the following:

1. There should be a single interpreter state throughout the execution
of the application. I don't want to dismiss one interpreter and start
another because I lose the state.

2. The application is a GUI application. The user enters code in some
text editor, and the code is evaluated when some button is pressed.
Therefore, I imagine that I can't use just give the "-d" argument to


Thanks much,




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