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From Hans de Groot <>
Subject memory usage
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 13:48:31 GMT

I use Embperl for a few years now and I am sure I am not using it in the most
efficient way.

I only use the %udat,%fdat features.
I usally create pages that look like this:
some perl here
store all output in $ouput
use http_headers_out followed with and exit() if I need to redirect.


This works great and really do not need all the extra's Embperl offers.

I do have one problem. My apache processes take a lot of memory.
Every request of a page it grows in size. I limited the "max request per child"
to 200 to prevent them from becoming to big, but spawning of a new child is not
really fast.

How do I prevent, or minimize the loss of memory?

I tried clearing all variables but it does not seem to help.

I could be my lack of knowlege about perl.

I usually clear vars like this:
%myhash=(); undef %myhash;
$template=''; undef $template;

But it seems this does not help.

People warned me about using the [* *] why is that?

Anyway some hints how to prevent apache processes from growing every request
would be nice. (or how to minimize this)

Thank you.

Hans de Groot

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