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From "Maurice McCabe" <>
Subject Re: Embperl CGI and IIS howto
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 09:31:05 GMT

A long time ago you had the attached correspondence.

I am using isapi_fcgi.dll and it seems to be working for simple test
scripts, eg, But I need it to work for Embperl.

You mention you got it to work for Embperl after patching the dll. Can you
send me the dll and any install/config instructions? I can write-up my
experiences to the list.



> PerlEx -
> after installation....
> I changed the file association for .epl from
> C:\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\mysite\ %s
> to
> C:\perl\bin\PerlISEX.dll  c:\mysite\ %s
> ...but no luck there - is this vaguely right - any ideas?

Perlex is not good for this, you can use perlis.dll, but this also doesn't
accept an argument, so it won't work this way. I have developed an IIS
filter dll, that make it possible to use it, but at the moment there are
some issues with threads and Perl memory management, so it isn't usabe right

> FastCGI -
> after installing FCGI, I changed the associations from:
> C:\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\mysite\ %s
> to
> C:\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\mysite\ %s
> ...which didn't break anything - but didn't seem to give me a performance
> increase - am I missing something here too ?

It will things a little bit slower, because it additional loads, but
for the rest it's just doing the same.

FastCGI is working different, you need a dll that dispatchs the request to
an extra process. There is one called isapi_fcgi.dll (see
for the source), but I had to patch it to get it working with Perl/Embperl
(the author uses it for PHP). I have done this last week and it seems to
work fine. The main problem is, that it has no diagnostics and you have to
set sveral registry keys to get it working. On a computer without a Visual
C++ Debugger, you can't see what going wrong. I like to add some logging
function and then I will publish the way how to use it...

...and then things really runing much faster, then with a normal CGI


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