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From "Maurice McCabe" <>
Subject RE: Embperl CGI and IIS howto
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 01:54:39 GMT
I found 2 methods for debugging ISAPI:
The first one uses a debugger

the second one uses a trace (webdbg.exe)

If you can send me any mods you made to fastcgi source, I can use that as a
starting point to try to get fastcgi working for embperl on IIS.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gerald Richter []
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 6:03 AM
To: Maurice McCabe
Subject: Re: Embperl CGI and IIS howto

> A long time ago you had the attached correspondence.
> I am using isapi_fcgi.dll and it seems to be working for simple test
> scripts, eg, But I need it to work for Embperl.
> You mention you got it to work for Embperl after patching the dll. Can you
> send me the dll and any install/config instructions? I can write-up my
> experiences to the list.

The problem is that I have only gotten it to run on one computer. The
project for which is needed it, got discared, so didn't done any further
work on it :-( Some times later I have tried on another machine, but didn't
get to work. The probem that you have to put the right values into the
registry and you get no error/debug output, so it's just trial and error.

I think I can dig up the code I have done, but I it will not work, unless
you are able to debug and patch the dll yourself.

Would be really cool to get this working, but I would need a payed project
where I could us it or someone whos pays me for doing so. Anyway if you like
I can look for the sources and send you what I have done so far.

Sorry for bad news


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