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From "Alexander Hartmaier" <>
Subject Antwort: Re: Re: compile embperl on fedora core 1
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 09:22:18 GMT

Hi Gerald!

Here is my from 'Fedora Core 1' (alias RedHat 10).

(See attached file:

It's in the dir '

I have added 'usr/include/apr-0' myself to the Makefile and this gets Embperl

The only problem I'm encountering now is that the apache childs (2.0.47, the
version that ships with fedora) crash with a segmentation fault when I generate
my graphs. In offline mode this embperl pages work.

I will now compile apache and mod_perl myself and try if this works.


Von:  Gerald Richter <> am 07.11.2003 20:29

An:   Alexander Hartmaier/DEBIS/EDVG/AT@SYSDOM,

Thema:    Re: Re: compile embperl on fedora core 1

> #35 escape.htm...
> Error in Line 44
> Is:     >HashinA<ahref="http://localhost/tests?B=2&amp;A=1"><
> Should: >HashinA<ahref="http://localhost/tests?A=1&amp;B=2"><

Ignore this, this is just a problem of hash order. I need to fix this for
Perl 5.8.1 anyway. No problem of Embperl itself.

> @Gerald: could you fix the Makefile.PL?! Thanks!

I have done some work in this direction. The include path is taken form the
mod_perl installation, to make sure Embperl uses the same Apache as mod_perl
(otherwise it would crash). It looks like mod_perl debian packet is compiled
differently then the usual way or the Apache header files have been moved
after the compile of mod_perl.

To narrow down the problem, could you please send me the the files from your
perl installation
lib/site_perl/5.8.0/i686-linux-thread-multi/Apache/ Of course
you need to replace the Perl version and architecture directories with your
version. In case you have an Apache2 directory, please send me the from there also


> Lets look if Embperl really works...
> Von:  Benni Baermann <> am 07.11.2003 15:41
> An:
> Kopie:
> Thema:    Re: compile embperl on fedora core 1
> On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 03:31:29PM +0100, Alexander Hartmaier wrote:
>> I just looked after the missing .h files:
>> They are located in '/usr/include/apr-0' (from the apr-devel rpm).
>> Maybe this path needs to be included as well as
>> '/usr/include/httpd'???
> For me this works. (See one of the previous threads).
> Add "-I/usr/include/apr-0" at the appropriate point in Makefile.PL. I
> have done this at the point, where $i got his value. maybe there is a
> better point for this. just a dirty hack.
> Benni

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