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From Marc Beyer <>
Subject Re: Segmentation fault
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 00:55:53 GMT
Hi Gerald,

thank you for your response.

Gerald Richter wrote:

>Perl itself has some trouble with your $$searchdata.
Hmm, is there any way I can find out which part of perl (short of 
recompiling perl with debugging turned on)?

> This maybe a result of
>using [* *], because [* *] is experimental in 1.3.x . Either replace the [*
>if ... *] whith [$ if  $]
I tried that and unfortunately it didn't change anything.

> or try to change the way $$searchdata is
>initialized/declared (I can#t say much about this, because I can't see what
>else you are doing in your code)
The data is POSTed to a CGI which parses it, puts it into a hash, 
decides which Embperl page to call and then calls that with

 HTML::Embperl::Execute({inputfile => "$HTMPLDIR/searchresults.htmpl",
                          output    => \$output2,
                          param     => [ $form, $datahash ]});

with $form containing the reference to the form hash. The Embperl page 
starts with

[- ($searchdata, $datahash) = @param; -]

and that's how $searchdata gets initialized.

As far as I can tell the form parsing is fine, albeit manual. (At this 
point I should probably explain that this is not my code, I just need to 
fix it. I also don't have much experience with Embperl, so if any of 
this is no-no please feel free to shout at me).

One of the things I found odd about the gdb output were the non-ASCII 
characters in line 10:

#10 0x42d53c3a in EMBPERL_EvalOnly (r=0x894a488, sArg=0x8951e80 
"¼A\232\b\230A\232\b_IMGDIR} || a", ppSV=0x89f23b4, flags=0, 
sName=0x89a4060 "ü¾\237\b") at epeval.c:574

Could that have something to do with my problem?

Thanks for your help,


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