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From Terrence Brannon <>
Subject DBIx::Recordset - DataSource => $DSN fails in
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 00:43:55 GMT
*** I plan to fix this my using the created $dbh in DoTest() throughout instead of passing $DSN to each independent Search() call, but 
thought I would report this. I am further down in the test suite, 
getting it to truly pass for DBD::Pg, and have run across this error:

Select dbixrs2.name2 id=id...         
WARN: DBI connect('dbname=test','metaperl',...) failed: could not 
connect to server: Address already in use at blib/lib/DBIx/ 
line 203

DB:  ERROR open DB dbi:Pg:dbname=test (could not connect to server: 
Address already in use)
DB:  New Recordset driver=  placeholders supported
DB:  FLUSH Recordset id = 7  DBIx::Recordset=HASH(0x10547af8)
DB:  Disconnect (id=7, numOpen = 1)
DB:  DESTROY (id=7, numOpen = 1)
ERROR in Select dbixrs2.name2 id=id
Got too few rows (got 0, expected 1)
Select dbixrs2.value2 id=id...        

*** Which  corresponds to this code:

 printlogf "Select $Table[1].name2 id=id";
        print LOG "\n--------------------\n" ;

        *set1_ = DBIx::Recordset -> Search ({  '!DataSource'   =>  $DSN,
                                            '!Username'     =>  $User,
                                            '!Password'     =>  $Password,
                                            '!Table'        =>  
"$Table[0], $Table[1]",
                                            '!Fields'       =>  
"$Table[0].id, $Table[0].name, $Table[0].value1, $Table[0].addon",
                                           "'$Table[1].name2" => 'Second 
Name in Tab2',
                                           "\\$Table[0].id" => 
                                           '$operator'=>'='})  or die 
"not ok ($DBI::errstr)" ;

*** also note: I just committed my changes to back to svn up to 
this point:

        ~/hacks/dbirs $ svn commit --message 'incremental commit while 
fixing test suite for DBD::Pg'
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 143.
        ~/hacks/dbirs $

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