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From Terrence Brannon <>
Subject Re: DBIx::Recordset struggles to pass tests
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 23:56:40 GMT
Michael Gray wrote:

>>source databases available, or I would do some testing and patching 
>>myself. There's no free version of Oracle for Windows is there? I run 
> Hmm, I wonder what could be causing this to happen. I have only open
>Jeff's pointed out the free version. 
This morning, 11 hours ago I started installing the Windows version of 
Oracle and it is stuck, saying
"Tool Name: Oracle Database Configuration Assistant: In Progress".

By now I am fairly certain the install is not going to happe

> Meanwhile, I'm happy to do some 
>delving if anyone's prepared to suggest what I should be looking for, or 
>else I can pass on detailed logs, etc.
Most Recordset bugs are pretty easy to fix if you just dig into the 
source and the test suite, but without having a running Oracle, I am 

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