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From Terrence Brannon <>
Subject Re: Perl DBIx::Recordset article
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 00:45:46 GMT
Nelson Ferraz wrote:

> Dear Mr. Terrence Brannon,

Hi Nelson,

> I've read your article about DBIx::Recordset at (Feb. 27, 
> 2001), and I thought that this module could be very useful in an open 
> source project I'm currently developing: a web based CRM, which can be 
> used to manage information about customers, partners, business leads, 
> etc.

Since then I have developed a cookbook-style set of docs  which  include 
runnable code samples:

They are based on a ready-to-install sample database:

> (There's an online demo available here:

very pretty fonts.

yes, Recordset makes tasks like what you are doing a snap.

> The source code is available at Sourceforge under the GNU GPL:
> My goal is to improve the database objects, which still have a lot of 
> hardcoded SQL. I've already started this task, but before I advance 
> too much I'd like to hear from you about your experience with this 
> module in real-world applications. Are you still using it?

> Any input will be greatly appreciated!

All discussion of Recordset is (unfortunately?) carried out on the 
Embperl list:

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