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From Kaare Rasmussen <>
Subject Re: Problems in 2.0b8
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 14:58:05 GMT

> I am not aware of any problems with headers/footers. Can you give an
> example?

Sorry, should be more specific. I'm refering to this posting from Jan 3 this 

I know this may be a stupid posting, because I've touched the topic before. 
But I keep running into this problem and I think I remember that you 
(Gerald) told that you would fix the problem I reported (rows with <TH> 

I've written some sub routines to handle data list and data entry tables. I 
need this construction a lot of the time: 

 some <th> cells
[$if something$]
 <td> for @data1
[$elsif some other thing$]
 <td> for @data1
 <td> for @data2
 some fixed rows at the end

So obviously I'd like the tags <tr></tr> to be the enclosing entity for 
which a recurring action shuld take place. At least as an option. 

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