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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Subclassing DBIx::Recordset
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 07:15:03 GMT
Kee Hinckley wrote:
> Has anyone tried subclassing DBIx::Recordset?  I've been playing with
> it and there are a couple issues that I've found.

I didn't have tried it so far

> 1. There are a number of places in the code where the current object
> is compared to DBIx::Recordset with an 'eq' rather than using an
> 'isa'.  That's pretty easy to fix.

This was a perfomance hack from times where webserver were really slow
compared to nowadays. This should be really fixed.

> 2. There are a number of places where the hash and array helper
> classes are called.  To do what I want I would need to subclass them
> as well.  Which means that I'd probably have to add functionality to
> allow the DBIx::Recordset class and subclasses to store the names of
> the helper classes they want to use.

Yes, this would be a good idea.

> At present I'm inclined towards using encapsulation instead, and
> making use of AUTOLOAD to redirect any unknown functions to the
> internal DBIx::Recordset object, but I wondered if anyone had any
> thoughts on the matter.

I would prefer to extent DBIx::Recordset, so it could be easily subclassed.

Since Terrence is now working on DBIx::Recordset, we hopefully will have a
new release with patches of the last year incoorporated soon.


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