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From "Peter Moran" <>
Subject Newbie help with SELECTS
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 07:40:09 GMT
Hope someone can help, basically I am new to Embperl.  To explain what I am doing, on a single
HTML page there are multiple forms (each form consisting of a different name), however each
of the forms (and data within) is inside a sub page called with a Execute.  The problem is
that the forms post to the same page - updating some of the details, however in each of the
forms (can be up to 4) each has a select called location_id, now when the page is re-copiles
with the new data - the original posted form and its select (location_id), automatically gets
selected (from %idat), however as the other forms also have the same field name (even though
in a different forms namespace), I cannot set the other forms to selected, even if I manually
have a variable 
[- $select = 'SELECTED' -]
<SELECT name="location_id"><option value="test" [+ $selected +]>TEST</option></SELECT>

It still does not select, I have tried to delete the location_id from %idat, but still doesnt
help !!!

Any ideas please ?

Thanks in advance 

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