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From "Terrence Brannon" <>
Subject Re: DBIx::Recordset status
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 18:35:16 GMT

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From: "Gerald Richter" <>
To: "Angus Lees" <>; "Terrence Brannon"
Cc: <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 9:23 AM
Subject: Re: DBIx::Recordset status

> Hi,
> it's true DBIx::Recordset hasn't been updated for a long time. The reason
> simple, it does all I need :-) Anyway I have a set of patches people send
> and it would be worth putting them into a new release. Also there are some
> ideas what can be enhanced. As you already know I don't have the time to
> it right now and when I have time I like to put it into Embperl to get 2.0
> finaly done.
> So maybe somebodyelse could help in maintaining DBIx::Recordset (or take
> over the maintainance). I can setup a public CVS (or better svn) which
> the sources, so it should be quite easy to cooperate.

I don't know svn, but it is gaining in popularity, so I would be happy to
learn svn and add patches to recordset as requested.

> I think the work Angus has already done for the Debian release is a good
> starting point. Also the docs Terrence has written should be considered to
> be included

yes, DBIx::Recordset::Playground is designed around DBSchema::Sample, so
that people can actually run code when reading the docs instead of just
reading docs.

> Anybody likes to give it a try?

I will help out however I can. I have a good amount of free time on my

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