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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Embperl 1.3.6 w/ Perl 5.8.1 (fwd)
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 06:01:44 GMT wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I am having trouble with Embperl 1.3.6 with perl 5.8.1.  On make
>> test I see some problems (output attached).

The problems of make test are only problems of the test suite (for example
because hash are outputed in a different order (which is quite legal) or
error messages have changed)

>>Assuming the problem is
>> incompatibilities with perl 5.8.1, do you have any plans to
>> fix/upgrade/maintain your "stable" (1.3.x) release?

In in the first place I will make Embperl 2.0 work with Perl 5.8.1, but if
the changes are easy to backport I will release an 1.3.7

>> NOTE: make test with perl 5.8.0 on a similar system results in
>> success.
>> Beyond "make test", production code that had previously worked (perl
>> 5.6.1 + perl 5.8.0) now fails.

At least from the result of make test it should NOT fail. If you are sure
it's an problem of Embperl, please make a small test page that shows the
failure, so I can reproduce it here.

Unfortunately I am out of office from today evening until Nov. 1., so I will
not be able to do anything during the next two weeks.


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