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From "Neal Gamradt" <>
Subject Re: EMBPerl Powered Forum (DBIx::Recordset motivation)
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 17:36:42 GMT
Hello Terrance,

This is all very interesting, as usual with Perl, everything looks rather 
odd at first when looking at the DBIx::Recordset documentation.  I would 
assume that is it being more widely used than DBIx::Abstract since it is 
designed to work with EMBPerl.  Anyway, thank you for the input and I will 
most likely look into using DBIx::Recordset mainly because it appears to be 
the most widely supported.  The thing I liked about DBIx::Abstract is that 
it appears to handle complex where clauses very well.  That is always the 
trouble that I run into with DB abstractions, they always have some major 
limitation that causes me to ues whatever fallback "query" method they have 
for things that cannot be done with the abstraction.  DBIx::Recordset 
appears to be pretty robust, are there any major limiations of this 
abstraction?  Also, is there a lot of added overhead with using this 
abstraction?  Thanks for the input.


From: "Terrence Brannon" <>
To: "Neal Gamradt" <>, <>
Subject: Re: EMBPerl Powered Forum (DBIx::Recordset motivation)
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 10:02:30 -0700

From: "Neal Gamradt" <>

 > Hello Terrance,

 > I thank you for the feedback.  I was actually going to use DBIx::Abstract
 > ( I
 > was wondering of you or anyone knows of any specific reason to use
 > DBIx::Recordset or DBIx::AnyDBD instead.

As you know DBIx::Recordset is Gerald's other brainchild (EMBPerl being his
first). As such, the two work very well
together. You can chain form data from Embperl in Recordset in a snap. You
can create forms which turn into the database queries in a snap.

I recently made some DBIx::Recorset "living documentation" :

so that you can have working samples of Recordset code to play with.

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