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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 21:05:56 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
> first of all I want to tell you that I have not vanished away :-)
> Second is that I will continue developing Embperl. I use it in all projects
> we do, so it's still important for me myself.
> The point why I am not doing much at the moment and why there are times when
> it takes much to long till I get time to answer mails, is that we are
> launching a product right now (If you are courious, it's a linux based
> firewall, router, vpn gateway, see htttp://, of course it
> uses Embperl for it's Webinterface) and this takes up all my time (and
> sometimes more than all :-(

Hi Gerald, and thanks for the update. It's good to know that you're
still around and that Embperl is still something you want to continue
developing. Glad to hear it!

> I agree that this is not good for Embperl at all. I always would have been
> happy if there are more people doing development of Embperl (Or just
> maintaining docs, website, faq etc.). This would make many things to go on
> much faster.

Can you give me specifics as to what is needed most at the moment
regarding documentation? If you have something in particular that you
would like done, let me know. Otherwise I can do one of two things:
Either start on parsing out the new features in 2.0 (which I admit I
haven't really had time to do much of yet) and/or start looking at bugs
(which I have never done on Embperl).

If you have any initial pointers regarding the previous nested <DL> bug
then I would be willing to look into that.

> I don't have a problem with SourceForge, I just prefer to use
> the Apache resources. As you know CVS is on the Apache server (and it was
> there long before most of the Apache projects). If anybody likes to join the
> development team (which is currently only me :-(, it should be no problem to
> get CVS write access for more people, but as somebody already pointed out,
> before that is done, you could always send patches to the list and they will
> be integrated into Embperl. As Angus pointed out there is already abug
> tracking system on CPAN, see
> . As long as we are not
> more developers I think this it's overkill, but if you prefer to use it,
> it's there...

Looks interesting... I didn't know about this. If it lets us simply keep
track of bug status then that would be useful, so that people don't
start working on the same thing at the same time, thus wasting effort.
It would also just be useful for people who reported bugs to see what's
been resolved. I know some others on this list disagree that this
concept is of any use to anybody, but I really am just going from
personal experience working on distributed software projects. I think
being able to see what bugs are outstanding can't do any harm, and is in
fact of great use, but I guess some people just have very hardline views
on the subject (as seems to be the case quite often in the technical
> So if you can do anything for Embperl, let me/us know. I would be very happy
> if Embperl is build on more shoulders than just mine.

If you can direct me (act as a kind of technical team leader) toward
what needs doing then that would be helpful. You know the code inside
out. Are there any specific tasks that you need done, and you know in a
general sense where to look but just don't have the time do do it? If
you're willing to give me pointers then I'd be happy to have a go if it
will help get 2.0 stable more quickly. I am never actually participated
in the open source development process, so I hope you'll forgive my
inexperience with that - but I have been programming for 20 years and
C++ since 1989, Perl since 2000, so perhaps I can be of some use. Also,
obviously, documentation. I'd like to think about an Embperl book in
> For getting 2.0 out of beta: I use 2.0 for a long time in all my projects
> and it is very stable, there is no reason for not to use it in production
> environment, I really should rename it to 2.0 final. The only thing I see
> is, what Neil mentioned, that there a some (small) issuses with old 1.x
> code, that might be a showstopper, when upgrading old projects.
> I would like to get these things done really soon, but I fear I will not be
> able to do much during the next few weeks :-( I really will try to get 2.0
> out of the door as soon as possible and I appreciate and help. Until 2.0 is
> out I recommend that everybody who starts a new project uses 2.0 and doesn't
> stay with 1.3.
> Gerald
> P.S. As you might know it is possible to add news, links, examples, articles
> to the Embperl website. Please use this feature to show that Embperl is
> widely used.

Thanks again Gerald for all your hard work on this project. I don't mind
at all you being too busy to spend much time on Embperl these days, as
long as I can see with some confidence that it will have a life going
into the future.

All the best,


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