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From Donovan Allen <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 06:10:47 GMT
Ruben I Safir wrote:

>>Like leaking memory large or just larger?  Unfortunately, the latter, as 
>>you well know, is going to happen to some degree with any library cache 
>Just large.  I've never had a memory leak in any Perl.  I've had canversations
>with the Perl Developers and it seems to be all but impossible.  The causes of most
>emory "leaks" in Perl is with the code where you keep creating objects and never 
>scope them out of the program.  Misunderstanding of scope is a huge program with
>mod_perl, because the damn program never ends.
>I am not aware of any way for Perl to leak memory.  But if you show me the modules,
>id be happy to pass them to Mike.
Well, didn't figure you would get literal on fault for not being 
more clear.

They were all problems with scope.  C/C++ memory allocation leaks are 
indeed impossible in Perl.  Mine was accidental, since I understand the 
problem and scoping, thanks tho.

I generally go by the definition that a memory leak is anything that 
does not free memory use properly, resulting in ever increasing memory 
usage until all real and virtual memory has been used up and the program 
and/or the OS fails.  

When talking about perl, my assumption is that the reader already knows 
that malloc() and friends do not apply here.

Going to skip a response to CS 101, been there, done that.  Hope some 
people found it useful, it was a good write up.

>Depending on the problem, I would probibly not attack this in this way in the first place.
>80 megabytes of data need to be stored, IMO, in a database...not a flat file

Well, sometimes the problem dictates itself.  Infact, one could almost 
see this as part of a slogan for perl.

A relatively new perl user had a problem to solve.  He was trying to be 
heoric and introduce the glory of perl to his company by whiping out a 
script to parse some monster file they ended up with from a customer. 
 He did, and by his calculations it would be done in 3 days, which 
wasn't going to cut it.  The first person to respond to his plea for 
help said he should use C or C++.  On perl monks even...  Myself and one 
other poster cut down his runtime to a point that allowed him to do it 
in the time he had and still in perl.  

Alas, I think we have managed to entirely hijack this thread.

>Join us on NYLXS at .  The mane mail list is hangout.  But be warned
>we are not a technology group, but an educational non-profit.  That means our emphaisis
is on
>education, not the hot tech topic of the day :)
I will check it out.  Nice idea.  Maybe you do it already, but finding 
donors for scholarships & systems might be a good way to help get in 
people who really could use the boost in education.

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