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From Donovan Allen <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 19:35:01 GMT
Neal Gamradt wrote:

> However, lately it appears that PHP is growing very quickly while I 
> don't see huge levels of support for EmbPerl.  I shudder at the idea 
> of using PHP (from early experience it appears to be a dumbed down 
> version of Perl) and will only do so when when EmbPerl is no longer 
> being developed or supported.

Before switching to PHP you might try Mason instead, which is another 
perl SSI system for mod_perl.  I have used Mason and it is perfectly 
fine, but I prefer Embperl for various reasons.  Still, I would go to 
that before switching languages unless you are also tired of Perl or 
want to jump on the PHP bandwagon (which doesn't sound like the case).

I also have been concerned with Embperl  over the last year or so and I 
have considered migrating to Mason or even PHP.  I still use 1.x since 
it satisfies all that I have needed with the exception of speed (since 
Embperl is pretty much the slowest of the lot).  Embperl is the 
technology behind several successful web based applications that I have 
developed for work (unfortunately, I cannot get agreement to release the 
projects outside of the company yet).

I would love to see Embperl really take off and I think Gerald has 
created something great here, which given the right attention could 
easily give php some good competition (and boost Perl back into a good 
web technology position in the eyes of the world).  Open source may 
solve the problem and I hope Gerald considers this option seriously.  I 
know how hard it is to release your own "baby" into the wild, but as 
time goes by and Embperl remains unstable on 2.x, the less it will 
matter anyway.  Even without proper "open source", Gerald could pick one 
or two people to help contribute to the project behind closed doors, 
which would provide the greatest control over his project while still 
getting the benfit of more developers.

Finances could help motivation as well, and I am positive that I could 
get my company to kick in something for all the great apps that we use 
it for.

As for using Source is handy because it has been developed, 
but web cvs can be done without SF and wouldn't it be cool to use 
Embperl for the rest of the system (bug tracking, CM, etc) to show off 
the power of Embperl?

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