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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:48:31 GMT
Neil Gunton wrote:
> Ed Grimm wrote:
> >
> > The only issue I've had with the suggestions of offering Gerald
> > assistance is the suggestion of an implementation, Source Forge, rather
> > than of the idea, which is distributed development.  I agree that Source
> > Forge would probably be the easiest to set up quickly; however, I've
> > gotten the feeling that Gerald has issues with Source Forge.  It
> > wouldn't require the use of that product; distributed development was
> > around long before sourceforge.
> I guess the thing I am most interested in is a more formal way of
> keeping track of the status of bugs... a simple tracking system that
> assigns some sort of ID would do the trick, along with a way to have a
> threaded bulletin board associated with each bug. That was probably the
> only feature of SourceForge that I found to be really useful. Currently
> there is no really good way to refer to bugs, e.g. someone just asked me
> "which bug" I was referring to and I had to dig back through my emails
> to see what they were - a simple way of tieing these things together
> into a single referrable entity with an id which can be formally closed
> or otherwise marked with a status of "open", "awaiting testing" or
> "failed testing", "closed" etc would be really good. Someone with the
> time could probably knock something together with MySQL and Embperl in
> about a day or two, without having to resort to the full SourceForge. Or
> maybe I'm just blowing smoke and someone already wrote just this sort of
> standalone bug tracking system... anyone know offhand?

While I'm thinking about it, here are other things such a system should

o Registered users, who can testers and/or testers
o Associate submitter and assigned developer with bug
o Status: "New", "Duplicate", "Not repeatable", "Open", "Awaiting
testing", "Failed testing", "Closed"
o Ability to see all bugs submitted by you, and assigned to you
o Severity/Priority of bug (Critical, Severe, Medium, Low)
o Require specifications of system used when submitting bugs - OS,
Apache version etc

Hmmm, looks like bugzilla does all this!

Any opinions?

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