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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:38:14 GMT
Ed Grimm wrote:
> The only issue I've had with the suggestions of offering Gerald
> assistance is the suggestion of an implementation, Source Forge, rather
> than of the idea, which is distributed development.  I agree that Source
> Forge would probably be the easiest to set up quickly; however, I've
> gotten the feeling that Gerald has issues with Source Forge.  It
> wouldn't require the use of that product; distributed development was
> around long before sourceforge.

I guess the thing I am most interested in is a more formal way of
keeping track of the status of bugs... a simple tracking system that
assigns some sort of ID would do the trick, along with a way to have a
threaded bulletin board associated with each bug. That was probably the
only feature of SourceForge that I found to be really useful. Currently
there is no really good way to refer to bugs, e.g. someone just asked me
"which bug" I was referring to and I had to dig back through my emails
to see what they were - a simple way of tieing these things together
into a single referrable entity with an id which can be formally closed
or otherwise marked with a status of "open", "awaiting testing" or
"failed testing", "closed" etc would be really good. Someone with the
time could probably knock something together with MySQL and Embperl in
about a day or two, without having to resort to the full SourceForge. Or
maybe I'm just blowing smoke and someone already wrote just this sort of
standalone bug tracking system... anyone know offhand?


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