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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 15:07:00 GMT
Luiz Fernando wrote:
> I think Gerald should setup a sourceforge account for Embperl and put
> more people to help him, more on the traditional opensource format.
> We could try to fix small bugs and implement some features under his
> supervision.
> If the problem is money we can help also, since many of us use Embperl
> commercially.
> If the problem is time, a problem almost everybody has, we should
> organize ourselves with Gerald and see what can be done.

I agree totally. Just to be clear - I am not suggesting any kind of
"hostile" takeover of the code. I think that Gerald is definitely the
best person to lead, because it's quite simply his thing, totally. But I
think the above ideas are good ones, and make sense given that Gerald
seems to be "away" a lot - others could potentially help with stuff even
when he doesn't have the time (in the more formal environment that
SourceForge provides)... but it's really up to him in the end. I
suggested a few weeks ago opening a SourceForge account, simply for the
bug tracking tools it provides, but Gerald seemed content with his text
"TODO" file. This is indicative of a single person project - I don't
know if he wants to be convinced to move it into a more multi-person
environment or not. I know that it's simply human nature to want to hold
on to your stuff and keep control over it - I experience this, we all
do. But I think it would be better for the project to have more people
working on it... of course, I also realize that we could all be doing
that right now, submitting patches and fixes to Gerald via email. I'm
not certain how SourceForge would change that, except by giving a more
formal bug tracking environment... perhaps if it were more obvious *how*
people could get involved directly with the code, then more people
would... I think I would, if there was some sort of community push to
get the thing fixed. But in the end, we're all victims of the same thing
- our time is limited (just like Gerald). Still, I think it's worth at
least talking about, see what Gerald thinks.

I just wanted to air some concerns and see what people think. Hopefully
when Gerald returns he will see all of this as constructive rather than
complaining... Embperl could continue to be something really good. I'd
really hate to see it fade. It seems that Template Toolkit and Mason are
getting more airplay these days, and of course PHP is the 800 lb gorilla
in the open source scripting world.

Incidentally, there is a bit of a chicken and egg situation with 2.0 -
it can't come out of beta unless people test it, yet people are
unwilling to test it until it is more stable. Well, we should all make
the effort to at least install it and see how it works with our existing
code. I have done this and forwarded a couple of bugs to Gerald at the
beginning of August (but nothing happened, which is part of the reason
for the current discussion)... but I'd love to see faster resolution of
these bugs so that the project can move toward the 2.0 release and we
can all convert our sites to 2.0...


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