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From Robert <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:21:51 GMT
Neil Gunton wrote:

>I am getting more than a little nervous about the future of Embperl.
So do I. And I agree with others on this thread on help, SourceForge, 
maybe even some kind of financial support. I was slowly converting my 
40+ web sites to EmbperlObject during last 2 years and I'm really REALLY 
looking forward for all the cool stuff EP2 will bring, but I can't use 
it before it's out of beta. I don't think anybody but Gerald can finish 
it reasonably fast, but then again, should Gerald stop working on EP, 
I'd feel better if there were plan B. So Gerald, what do you think about 
this SourceForge thing?

- Robert

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