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From Chris Allen <>
Subject Re: check boxes
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 11:01:06 GMT
On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 10:25:18PM -0400, Winfield Henry wrote:
> Below is a simple form that calls itself. My understanding is that the
> checkboxes will 'check' themselves upon submission. Or to rephrase, if I
> check one and two then submit the form, check boxes for one and two will
> appear checked. This works on one machine but not on another. (?) Are
> there any switches that would make embperl parse check boxes
> differently? One is using embperl 1.3.4 (not working) the other embperl
> 2.0 (working). I have checked the fdat array on the 1.3.4 machine and it
> does contain a tab delimited array of the checkbox items, its just not
> checking the boxes.

I've experienced the same problem. Apparently it is fixed in 1.3.5. 
For now, I've had to 'cheat' with something like:

<input type="checkbox" name="validay" value="1" [+ $obj->{validday}=~/1/ and 'checked'
+]> 1 &nbsp;
<input type="checkbox" name="validay" value="2" [+ $obj->{validday}=~/2/ and 'checked'
+]> 2 &nbsp;
<input type="checkbox" name="validay" value="3" [+ $obj->{validday}=~/3/ and 'checked'
+]> 3 &nbsp;
<input type="checkbox" name="validay" value="4" [+ $obj->{validday}=~/4/ and 'checked'
+]> 4 &nbsp;

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