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From Ruben Safir Secretary NYLXS <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 23:31:02 GMT
> I also have used Embperl for some very intensive applications and under 
> load the performance does degrade (as does anything) and I personally 
> looked forward to Embperl 2.x due to performance increase.  I also do 
> most of my code in modules, even when it isn't the best fit, simply due 
> to the cache.

Yes - In my experience I had a JSP programmer test his code for a scheduling
function against my code in EMBPerl and modules.  After the first hit,
I was much faster than he was.  I've done similar things with PHP coders
and even coded the PHP myslef.

After the first hit, and when EMBPERL has it's logging level lowered,
is was outstandingly fast, especially with large data grabs, and pages
which were repeated.  OTOH, my HTTPD processes grow large...and I'm thrilled
to death about that.  The key is modperl.  Modperl is a C program which
is exceptionally fast.  Most of my embperl code looks like this

[- use MYMODULE -]
[- $obj = MODULE->new('var') -]
[- $obj->displaywidget -]

> Having looked through the Embperl 1.x code, I even found a few places 
> where some speed increases could be gained by using other perl 
> functionality that provides but more direct C interfaces.

Perhaps this is good if you think you can code it better than Mike
Schwern and Lincoln Stein :)

> So...want to volunteer for building a benchmark suite? :-)
Sure - I have a spare machine.  We can make it an NYLXS project.

> >
> I have only benchmarked against PerlScript for IIS, which was miserable 
> in performance and randomly produced unexpected results.  As far as I 
> could tell, modules did not get cached, which was the killer for my test 
> since most of it was module based.

I can't be involved with the stupidity of closed software, especially
incredibly bad software like IIS.

> >
> Agreed, which is the main reason I use it as well.  This is also 
> somewhat the down side of Embperl, since your average web dev is afraid 
> they might hang themselves with more rope...I guess. :-)

Almost no web program, and unfortunately a lot of the current C programmer,
understand the basics of good program design.  No set of programmers hang 
themselves more frequently than the PHP folks.  There might be some truly
good ones, but I've yet to meet them and they are far and few inbetween.
There is a big difference between writing good code, and being proficient
in hacking code.

> Why does SF exclude CPAN?  Stable releases could get bundled and pushed 
> to CPAN...there are many projects that do this.  CPAN is a distribution 
> tool, SF is a collaboration oranges and apples, but both are 
> good in the same fruit salad.

CVS works.

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