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From Kaare Rasmussen <>
Subject Re: What's going on with Embperl???
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:01:26 GMT
> I am getting more than a little nervous about the future of Embperl.

It is a valid concern. Embperl is great, but 2.0 has been in development for 
two or three years already - with a big red RSN-label on top.

 Gerald privately almost two weeks ago, and have still received no reply.
> Is he on vacation? Why not mention this to the list?

I guess Gerald is just as bad as planning his time as the rest of us :-)

> If it came down to Gerald no longer having the time to develop the
> project, then should we try to take it on ourselves? I don't even know
> the protocol or etiquette for doing that. I mean, it's Gerald's thing,
> his totally, and I don't want for a second to take it away or even try
> to fork the project without his blessing. I'm not even at all certain

Hostile take-over is not the way. Unless Gerald vanishes into thin air, of 

I still hope that he will get back and finish 2.0. But even then, the question 
remains - quo vadis ?

Even if Gerald has got the time in the future, I think Embperl would benefit 
from being set up for more developers. You know, Sourceforge and stuff. But 
that's up to him to decide.

> very supportive of Gerald and would like to make this work - I even
> offered to try and have a go at writing an (English) book on Embperl,

Embperl could be the engine for a lot of things on the Net. But as long as 2.0 
is unfinished, the use of it will lack behind. I think that Gerald is the 
only one who can finish it in a relatively short period of time. Others will 
have to learn the code first. I suspect it will be a big task.

> Believe me, I want to see Embperl develop and succeed. But the list
> traffic is way down, and there haven't been any real progress on the 2.0
> beta in so long...

I'm holding off myself until 2.0 is finished. I know others do too.

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