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From "Terrence Brannon" <>
Subject Re: EMBPerl Powered Forum (DBIx::Recordset motivation)
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 17:47:32 GMT

> Hello Terrance,
> This is all very interesting, as usual with Perl, everything looks rather
> odd at first when looking at the DBIx::Recordset documentation.  I would
> assume that is it being more widely used than DBIx::Abstract since it is
> designed to work with EMBPerl.  Anyway, thank you for the input and I will
> most likely look into using DBIx::Recordset mainly because it appears to
> the most widely supported.  The thing I liked about DBIx::Abstract is that
> it appears to handle complex where clauses very well.  That is always the
> trouble that I run into with DB abstractions, they always have some major
> limitation that causes me to ues whatever fallback "query" method they
> for things that cannot be done with the abstraction.  DBIx::Recordset
> appears to be pretty robust, are there any major limiations of this
> abstraction?

The "WORKING WITH MULTIPLE TABLES" section of the docs shows how to work
with multiple tables. For me writing complex SQL is hard. I prefer the
recordset approach of multiple nested "small queries", but you can pass pure
sql to a '$where' argument of Search() if you want complex SQL.

If you aren't used to writing nested subqueries 3-deep (and I am not), my
Recordset::Playground show how *I* do it. Gerald's docs show a !Link method
which is nice, but I havent gotten it to work and he apparently isn't around
as I posted on it about 1.5 wks ago and haven't seen a response.

Again the Recordset::Playground docs are "living documentation":

 download DBSchema::Sample (attached --- the CPAN version had a bug. new
version uploaded now).
run scripts/
then play with the scripts in the Playground distribution.

> Also, is there a lot of added overhead with using this
> abstraction?  Thanks for the input.

It depends, for routine tasks, it is fine. And for prototyping you can't
beat it. My articles at say why. Here is a node on where other very respected database/perl people oppose *all*

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