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From Kee Hinckley <>
Subject Magic
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 20:49:48 GMT
This isn't a bug.  HTML::Embperl is doing exactly what I want, and 
maybe my problem is simply too little sleep.  But could someone 
please explain to me *how* it's managing to do this?

I have an HTML::Embperl Template.  It does this (in greatly abbreviated form).

     $this = shift;
     Execute({ isa => 'cpanel_sclass.html' });
     $rval = Execute({ inputfile => '*', errors => \@errors, options 
=> HTML::Embperl::optReturnError, output => \$Output});
     $escmode = 4;
     return $Output;

the file referenced by '*' implements the processForm method, and 
then calls it's superclass method as well (cpanel_sclass.html).

Now could someone please explain to me how it is that *'s processForm 
method appropriately gets invoked when I call $this->processForm, 
even though I call $this->processForm BEFORE I call Execute('*')?

P.S. The reason I'm calling Execute and capturing the output, only 
later to print it out, is that I want to Execute an error page if 
something goes wrong, but there's no way to abort existing output, 
and I don't want the error page to occur half way down the existing 
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