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From "MaurĂ­cio Amorim " <>
Subject strange comportment of my epl file (embperl 1.3.6)
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 04:20:18 GMT
Hi list,

I am with an strange comportment in my epl file.

I have an epl file that mount an screen for download of files and when 
the user click "quit" button (after user download an file), the same epl file when submited
remove temporary files and on, onload of html page, the javascript close the window.

When the user press Quit, the epl file in server is executed two times. I verify  any problem
in code of embperl for mount html page, but i guess that its ok. I don't clicking the button
two times.
When the epl file is executed  in the second time, an error occur in routine that 
remove temporary files, because the files already removed.

Anybody already had the same comportment ? help me.
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