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From <>
Subject Embperl Wishes and comments
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 05:37:06 GMT

I know nobody ask for it but i would want to say my wishes.

- Embperlobject is great but, is it posible to have for embperl 2 the feature
to call subs from other files without using embperl object? maybe it is good
to avoid the file search used in embperlobject using the base file base.epl.

- Actual documentation is good but I would want to have a best explained
documentation and to have examples( ej. Embperl::Mail:Execute, when i
tried to use it i get the message Undefined subroutine
&Embperl::Mail::Execute, i used the example in perldoc).

- Is it posible to have a book about embperl? at least in english but if
it is inspanish it would be great!!.

- I have analized other modules that embed perl in html and i am very sure
that embperl is the best option. For perl 6 what i know the developers are
not working in something special for the web so may be embperl could be
used as a default included module to make web development. I would want
to install Perl and everything works without needed to install nothing

Well as i said these are just my wishes and comments about embperl.

Carlos Kassab

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