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From Richard Schilling <>
Subject escaping and default behavior for optRawInput with spaceship operators in HTML::Embperl -vs- Embperl-2.0b9
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 16:55:02 GMT

Ran into a funny little thing.

In HTML::Embperl 2.0b5, the default behavior for spaceship operators 
requires the use of '\':

	@f = \<INPUTFILE>;

otherwise the data is not read.

In Embperl 2.0b9, the default behavor seems to treat the spaceship 
operator as raw input, requiring this:

	@f = <INPUTFILE>;

Of course, I can set EMBPERL_OPTIONS to optRawInput with HTML::Embperl 
2.0b5 and then I don't have to change any Embperl code to run on both 

Did the default behavior change from version to version?

Whatever the case, I'll offer up some documentation to add to the 
distribution once I'm sure as to what's going on. . .

Personally, I'd like to default behavior to be optRawInput set.  Since 
the goal of escaping seems to be aimed at dealing with WISIWIG editors, 
it makes more sense to me to require a sysadmin to enable escaping to 
deal with their particular editor.

Richard Schilling

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