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From Gerald Richter <>
Subject Re: Embperl Wishes and comments
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 19:19:13 GMT
> - Actual documentation is good but I would want to have a best explained
> documentation and to have examples

Yes this would be great, but writing docs takes a lot of time. I try to do my 
best, but my time is very limited. Would be great if people could submit 
patches to the documentation if they find something that is missing form the 

>( ej. Embperl::Mail:Execute, when i
> tried to use it i get the message Undefined subroutine
> &Embperl::Mail::Execute, i used the example in perldoc).

I gues you should add a

use Embperl::Mail::Execute ;


> - Is it posible to have a book about embperl? at least in english but if
> it is inspanish it would be great!!.

I had started with a book about Embperl in german, but this project is on halt 
at the moment for two reason: 1.) my limited time, 2.) Embperl is to special 
that many people will buy such a book and the O'Reilly don't excepted to sell 
much books at the moment, because they sell less books at all at the moment.

I still have the possiblity to write such a book, so if anybody like to help 
out (and don't expects to earn much, because writing a book is very bad paid, 
also O'Reilly pays really good compared to others) let me know.

> - I have analized other modules that embed perl in html and i am very sure
> that embperl is the best option. For perl 6 what i know the developers are
> not working in something special for the web so may be embperl could be
> used as a default included module to make web development. I would want
> to install Perl and everything works without needed to install nothing
> additional.

There are to much such moduls out there and nobody likes to make a predecision 
which module to use, so you will need to install it separately in the future 


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