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From Gerald Richter <>
Subject Re: behavior of [! !]
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 19:07:05 GMT
> Was reading through the documentation, and don't see too much detail on
> the exact differences between [! !] and [- -].  I see that [! !] runs
> the code block once.  But, it's unclear what "once" means.

Once mean the first time the page is loaded, but be aware it's loaded in every 
Apache child, so it maybe  loaded multiple time (in different child 
processes) if you hit reload.

> When I use [! !] to define a subroutine, where is the subroutine stored?

As part of the compiled Perl code of the page

> [- -] blocks allow me to use variables created in them later in the
> page.  Why does [! !] do not?

[! !] does also allow to do this, but on the second time the page is executed 
then the [! !] block is not run and for that reason your variables will not 
be defined.


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