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From "girardot" <>
Subject special character replacements in output
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 17:06:16 GMT

I am trying to build some html, store it in a variable and then just output
it later in the page.

But it translates my  < and > into the html entities.

I read the syntax page and i thought i understood it to say i should escape
my special characters to avoid the replacement so i wrote this code:
 $detail_html .= "\<tr\>\<td\>".$data121[0]."\</td\>\</tr\>\n";

but when i do this:

[+ $detail_html +]

It has translated the  < and > to &lt: and &gt;

What am i not doing correctly? I can't quite seem to figure out such a
simple thing.

Blake Girardot

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