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From "Mauricio" <>
Subject RES: strange comportment of my epl file (embperl 1.3.6)
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2003 16:59:09 GMT
I'm sorry Gerald.

I found the error. I use the onbeforeunload event on my template page.
In this manner the page was submitted two times, when the user press
buttom quit and by onbeforeunload. The problem was that this error no
occur always. (500 internal error by aplication). I'm sorry.

Thank you. 

The problem was that the error 

-----Mensagem original-----
De: Gerald Richter [] 
Enviada em: domingo, 17 de agosto de 2003 07:54
Para: MaurĂ­cio Amorim;
Assunto: Re: strange comportment of my epl file (embperl 1.3.6)

>I have an epl file that mount an screen for download of files and when
>the user click "quit" button (after user download an file), the same
file when submited >remove temporary files and on, onload of html page,
javascript close the window.
>When the user press Quit, the epl file in server is executed two times.

Could you send a stripped down example that shows the behaviour?


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