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From Michael Stepanov <>
Subject Problems with setting EMBPERL_OPTIONS
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:17:37 GMT
Hi all,

My problem is, I need to set 0 in some input tag instead of
empty string as Embperl does it.

I found option $optAllFormData and tried to set it in the 
http config file:

 	 PerlModule Embperl
     AddType text/html .epl
     <Files *.epl>
     SetHandler  perl-script
     PerlHandler Embperl
     Options     ExecCGI

But when I try to see it value in the script I see 0:

optAllFormData is [+ $optAllFormData +]!


optAllFormData is 0!

My questions are:

	1) How can I set EMBPERL_OPTIONS (in http.conf or .htaccess )?
	2) How can I set more than one option using EMBPERL_OPTIONS?

Thanks in advanced.


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