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From Kee Hinckley <>
Subject RE: Fill out formular fields with embperl
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:51:38 GMT
At 8:52 PM +0200 7/17/03, Harald Becker wrote:
>  > I think it will do what you want if you remove the
>>  value="..." token from the input:
>>  <input type="text" name="info">
>>  If you need a default value, set it by placing a value in
>>  fdat above the
>>  input:
>>  [- $fdat{info} = 'testing'; -]
>Thank you, this works, but I've got a new problem :)
>I need to declare the formular in a var and later I write it into the
>document, and then Embperl does not fill out the formular... Is there a
>solution, too ?

Instead of printing the form string, execute it.

         input      => $db->{content},
         mtime      => $db->{dtm},
         inputfile  => $req_rec->uri(),

Something like that.  Note that the use of mtime and inputfile should 
cause Embperl to cache the results of the execute.

I'm not sure whether you'll have to pass fdat to the execute in this 
case, you'd have to try and see.  But fdat and fflds are options you 
can pass to Execute, so it will certainly work if you do.
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