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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject [win32] mod_perl 1 and ActivePerl 8xx
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 05:33:27 GMT
In the current mod_perl 1 cvs repository there's now a workaround
that allows mod_perl 1 to compile against Win32 ActivePerl 8xx
and Apache/1.3. I've put up a ppm package of this under
which you can access by setting the repository within
the ppm shell to

However, within this same location, there's already a mod_perl
package for mod_perl 2 (associated with mod_perl.ppd), so the
mod_perl 1 package is named mod_perl-1, and corresponding
mod_perl-1.ppd file. Installing this should run a post-install
script to copy the Apache module to your
Apache/modules directory - if this doesn't work, you can grab from
and install it manually to Apache/modules/

In this repository there's also ppm packages of some Apache
modules. Those tied to mod_perl-1 for some reason have a '-1'
appended to their names; currently there's
    libapreq-1 (for Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie)
    Embperl-1 (based on Embperl-2.0b9)
    AxKit-1 (based on AxKit-1.61)
    Apache-Template-1 (for Template-Toolkit)
    Apache-Filter-1 (the mod_perl 1 version)
Apache-ASP and HTML-Mason, also available in this repository,
don't have the '-1' appended to their name, as they work in
principle with either mod_perl 1 or 2.

All the above packages, including mod_perl-1, either passed
all their supplied tests or failed a handful which didn't look
any worse than the ActivePerl 6xx counterparts. They also worked
with some quick tests on a real server (running Apache/1.3.27 and
WinXP). However, there are some major differences between between
ActivePerl 6xx and 8xx - if you use these packages, and find some
strange behaviour, feel free to ask on this list; for this, it'd
help to have the Perl and Apache versions used, what the error
was, and as brief an example as possible that invokes the

best regards,
randy kobes

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