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From "Andy Crichton" <>
Subject beginner -> problem with [+ $row $col notation with DBI selectall_arrayref
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 13:51:22 GMT
   My problem is that I get no output from this.


use My::Module;

my $dat=GetSomeStuff($req->{dbh});   #returns reference to array of arrays
(result of selectall_arrayref)

#				If I uncomment this I see my data before the HTTP headers as I would
#foreach (@{$dat}) { #  This proves that $dat is what I think it is and
contains data
#  foreach (@{$_}) {
#    print

Some Random Text

[+   $dat -> [$row][$col] +]


For the table part I just get <table></table>
it is like $dat has gone out of scope between the [- and the [+ but this is
not what I expected

I suspect this is a stupid mistake somewhere on my part which may be
glaringly obvious to someone.

Many thanks in advance

Andy Circhton

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