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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Nested <DL> Bug in 2.0b9
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:21:12 GMT
Hi Gerald, still testing 2.0b9 on my crazyguyonabike codebase - good
news, a few pages now seem to work, so progress being made! However, one
of my pages caused my machine to lock up completely - turned out that
the Apache process was taking up 100% of CPU and eventually exhausted
all virtual memory too. Not good! It took a little while, but I think
I've narrowed down what causes this to happen. The following code seems
to be a minimal case for making the bug manifest:

[- $count = 0 -]
     [$ while $count < 10 $]
	<DD>[- print OUT $count; -]
	[- $count++ -]
     [$ endwhile $]

The key things here are that if I take out the inner nested <DL> then it
works ok. And if I take out the [$ while $] loop it also works ok...
when I have the nested <DL> inside the [$ while $] loop it loops
forever. The 'print OUT' also seems to be necessary for the bug to show
itself - if I replace it with [+ $count +] then the code works ok.

This is running under Embperl::Object on RedHat 7.3, Apache/1.3.27,

Hope this helps,


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